Do I need an appointment?

Yes, all our sessions are by appointment only, we do not take walk-ins. We sometimes have same day appointments and you can ask to be put on our waitlist for a certain day if our day is already booked. Our Migun therapy massage table is booked through our online schedulicity system or you can call in during our receptionist hours and can usually get a same day appt. Appointments can be made easiest online through our website or by calling into the studio.  

What kind of massage should I get?

Each massage is as unique as every client. Many people feel the most beneficial sessions are combinations of techniques. You will fill out a history and intake form and your therapist will discuss your preferences and goals at the beginning of your session, then customize the treatment for you. We will check in during the session to make sure the pressure is good for you. For the purposes of booking your appointment, all we need to know is how much time you want. 

Who should I book with, and is it ok if I try different therapists?

All of our therapists are fully licensed and well trained in different modalities of Massage Therapy, and each have years of experience in the field. Whoever you are with, you will be in great hands.. We have a variety of specialties and each therapist has a different style.  We acknowledge that your body may require different treatments and we are thankful to have beautiful  differences within our studio for you to experience.  If you don’t have a preferred therapist when booking, just look for a date and time that is convenient for your schedule and your therapist will customize your session to your needs each time.

What should I wear or not wear?

At the beginning of your appointment your therapist will step out of the room and give you time to use the restroom and get undressed to your level of comfort. You will lie underneath the sheet and blanket on the table. Some people prefer to keep their underwear on, or wear gym shorts, others prefer to undress entirely. It’s completely up to you, your therapist won’t care one way or the other, and you will remain properly covered by the sheet and blanket at all times, except for the specific area they are working on.

Am I supposed to talk during the appointment?

Your massage session is your time to relax, and that means something different to everyone. Some people like to talk, some people like to zone out or fall asleep, some people like to do a combo of both. It’s your time and your therapist will take their cues from you. You’re here to recharge, connect with and care for you.  If the temperature, pillows, lights, music  need to be adjusted please let us know.  This is your time.

Is this covered by my health insurance?

We do not work with any insurance providers. Many of our clients are able to pay for their sessions using their HSA accounts.  Many physicians refer their patients for regular massage therapy as a form of routine healthcare. We can provide you with a receipt and our license number that you can submit to your insurance to request for the reimbursements . 

Should I be bruised after a massage?

A bruise is not usually anything to be concerned about and does happen occasionally. It is a sign that you may have had too much pressure on one particular spot. Breaking up knots will sometimes cause bruising. I personally like that intense pressure and need more time between my sessions because so. It will take a day for me not to feel as sore and for the results to set in. Your tolerance does change from each session as well and it is our job to take your feedback as to what you are comfortable with during your session. If you overwork a muscle, you can cramp up and will feel worse afterward as if you had a vigorous workout. In a therapeutic massage there is a line between some discomfort and pain. Soreness is normal, But if you’re in pain, that means it was too vigorous. If you are prone to bruising it’s best to avoid aspirin, a blood thinner, on the day of your treatment. Today I would recommend a warm salt bath or alternating heat and ice to allow the blood flow to help you heal.