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sueSusan has been working in the field of massage since 1998. She received her training at Brenneke School of Massage (now known as Cortiva Institute) in Seattle, Washington. Keeping up with the highest standards in her field she is a proud member of the AMTA as well as being Nationally Certified and is Licensed in the state of Michigan.

After graduating she returned home to Michigan to be close to family and set up her practice. She was the owner/operator of her own studio, A Peaceful Place, for six years. After a successful run, she closed the business to focus on her growing family. She is the proud mama of three beautiful boys, Jack, Sam, and Will. She enjoys spending time with her husband and her sons laughing, playing and loving life.

Susan has such a vast knowledge of the field and the way the body works. She assesses her clients’ posture, gate, tissue condition, joint function, muscle strength, and range of motion, and responds with all of her skills to what she feels your body needs. She provides clients with guidance and information about techniques for postural improvement, stretching, strengthening, and relaxation.

Susan incorporates many different modalities in her massages. She works from a base of Swedish massage and includes elements of deep tissue, reflexology, trigger point therapy and shiatsu. Based on the clients’ individual needs, she will customize each session to ensure that those needs are met.

Her work is an art, and she is a therapist who loves what she does, continues to learn, and, with her intuitive touch, she enhances her client’s well-being. A massage with Susan is an experience to be remembered. She gives your body what it needs to be healthy and whole. She guides your body into remembering how to feel strong, flexible and relaxed.

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bekBekah is a licensed massage therapist who is dedicated to wellness. She is active and enjoys sports, meditation through yoga, and the beauty of nature. She hopes her healthy living inspires clients to embrace positive change and take care of themselves beyond the treatment table. She trusts in the body’s innate capacity to heal and that there is an energy within us that when open and unobstructed promotes our health and well-being.

Bekah works with a variety of clients and her massage style is one of subtle intensity. Her hands see beyond skin; molding, reconnecting, and reminding. Her work inspires a sense of renewal to restore optimum function throughout the body. She allows the body to de-stress, helps alleviate discomfort from fibromyalgia and other chronic pains, trigeminal nerualgia, repetitive motion syndromes, and tendonitis. She has continued her education and today integrates cranial-sacral work from the Upledger Institute, neuromuscular massage, deep tissue, Swedish massage, reflexology, and is trained in hot stone massage.

Bekah attended Bowling Green State University, and graduated with a degree in Applied Health Science, which prepared her to further her education in the medical field. Questioning which avenue to take, she became intrigued with the idea that simple touch can be so healing and so powerful affecting all of your body’s systems in ways that can influence much more than just the physical body, but also the mind and spirit. Many students chose medical school, nursing, or physical therapy work as subsequent education. Bekah chose massage therapy to address pain and offer a preventative medicine using natural hands-on methods, which best fit her creative ideas, yet scientific education. She attended the Northwest Academy of Massotherapy and graduated in 2004.

Bekah truly enjoys her work in massage and believes the power of therapeutic touch with the right intention has the potential to holistically change lives.

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birgitBirgit holds a degree in physical therapy and has been working as a licensed PT and MT in Germany, her home country, since 1999. With a great passion for natural health and holistic therapies, she soon pursued further training in osteopathic manual therapy, reflexology, lymph drain, and Craniosacral therapy. She skillfully integrates these modalities into each clients session.

Through her work as a PT, she gained a lot of experience with clients recovering from injuries or surgery, suffering from chronic pain, or dealing with postural imbalances.

After taking some time off to devote herself to her growing family she relocated to Michigan in 2008, excited to have the opportunity to explore the field of natural health in the States. She completed a therapeutic bodywork program at the Naturopathic Institute in Mt. Pleasant, MI, where she fell in love with aromatherapy and energy work, which she added to her repertoire of bodywork.

No two sessions with Birgit are ever the same. Each client is thoroughly assessed, and then the session is tailored to the individual needs and can range from deep tissue work with joint mobilization and stretching techniques to Craniosacral work or healing touch session.

When Birgit is not working, she enjoys spending time with her family and engaging in various outdoor activities.

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Melinda is a recent Michigan transplant from Austin, Texas. She moved to Dexter this summer after leaving the Lone Star

State to seek out a new life experience. She is happy to be serving the Dexter community and looks forward to meeting more of the friendly people Michigan has to offer!

Melinda embarked on her career in massage therapy ten years ago after attending Texas Tech University. She majored in Exercise and Sport Sciences and graduated in 1999. Throughout college, Melinda knew that she wanted to pursue massage therapy as a career and she set out for Austin following graduation. Melinda attended the Lauterstein-Conway Massage School, and after completing three semesters at the school was asked to instruct massage classes. In addition to her teaching duties, Melinda opened her own massage practice in Austin, by the name of Therapy Central. She oversaw the administrative duties at the clinic, employed six therapists, and managed a practice with a constant flow of patients. It was a plateful, but an endeavor that she relished.

During her time in Austin, Melinda was employed by three separate chiropractors with which she maintains friendships with even today. Her specialty at the clinics was working with clientele suffering from soft tissue injury by incorporating deep tissue techniques, myofascial release, and trigger point therapies in order to aid in the healing process and work in tandem with spinal manipulations. This work was extremely fulfilling as Melinda witnessed great successes with her patients and was grateful to alleviate physical discomfort in their lives.

Melinda is excited and proud to be a part of the talented and knowledgeable staff at Body Wisdom. She is determined to bring her high standards of bodywork to the little green house off of Main Street in Dexter.

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IMG_3835Kathy feels there are gifts available to everyone practicing to embrace the quality of life. She love’s massage because it combines the incredible science of our bodies and the creative artistic part of nurturing our mind and spirit.

Working as a gardener, mother, elder companion, and re-habilitating horses taught her about the power of touch and how we can support change with and witness the energy of non-judgment, unconditional love, being in present moment and compassion having a profound effect on all our relationships with life.

She studied biology and botany as an undergraduate and went to massage school in St. Louis, Missouri; and furthered her studies in Medical Massage, Ethics and Archetypes, Reiki, Qi-Gong healing, Understanding Empathy, Acupoint Categories and Energetics, and Meditation. She has practiced massage in Missouri, California, currently licensed in Michigan, a member of the AMTA and NCBTMB certified.

She is always open to learning and excels to bring clients a tailored massage with technique while providing a deep relaxation for rest and restoration to our mind, body and spirit.

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IMG_3937Jen is a Dexter native but took a few years to travel through the U.S. Marine Corps. After finishing her contract in Arizona she decided to stay and pursue Massage Therapy at the Arizona School of Massage Therapy. She gained a love of learning how the body works and an appreciation for both East and West medicine.

She is trained in Deep Tissue, NMR, Structural Integration, Cranial Sacral, Hydrotherapy , Shiatsu and Accupressure. She has worked in many facets of massage over the last 10 years including Private practice, Physical Therapy Office, spa, Chiropratic office and Sub-acute Rehab.

Massage School was just the start of her ‘whole body wellness’ study. To further learn how to treat the whole person she has studied kinesiology, dietetics, pathology and exercise science.

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Amber graduated from Health Enrichment Center in Lapeer Michigan in 1996. She followed her passion to learn many types of healing modalities, studying Myofascial Release, Neuromuscular/Deep Tissue, Shiatsu, Reflexology and Swedish/Relaxation massage. After working as a Licensed Massage Therapist for 10 years, Amber pursued a college degree as a Licensed Physical Therapist Assistant.

She is now coming back to her roots and taking a holistic approach to bodywork. By applying her intuitive touch and extensive anatomy and physiology training and knowledge of the muscles, she is able to combine it all to provide a massage that will focus on releasing specific areas of tension while allowing an overall body mind stress reducing relaxation massage.

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Anna is a massage therapist and yoga instructor.  Anna went to massage therapy school at Lansing Community College.  Since graduating she has worked in Holland MI at a clinical massage therapy office and has spent some time working at a spa in Sedona Arizona.  Anna has competed two 200 yoga teacher training programs and loves how yoga and massage compliment each other so well.  Anna continues to learn about the anatomy and movem

ent of the body so that she can help her clients to the best of her ability whether through massage, yoga, or a combination of both.  Sone of the massage modalities Anna favors are Deep Tissue massage, Sports Massage, Swedish, and Pre-Natal.







Maggie O’Rourke is a licensed Massage Therapist, having done her  training  in 2008 for  Swedish, Therapeutic & Relaxation Massage at the BMI institute in Vero Beach Florida. This course included hot stone, reflexology, aromatherapy , prenatal and therapeutic treatments. She also was first attuned to Reiki energy while living in Vero Beach from Patricia Williams at Inspired Heart. For family reasons Maggie then returned to Michigan and has been working in the Massage field independently and in various spa settings.  She continued to pursue advanced training in Reiki energy work via other Reiki master teachers over the past 10 years and is now a Reiki Master herself. She often adds Reiki to massage sessions when requested,  and also  finds it to be a great self healing treatment.  In 2015 Maggie studied skin care at Douglas J Aveda in Ann Arbor, and became a licensed esthetician the following year. Maggie enjoys using the combination of massage and skin care  techniques, with more detailed focus on the scalp, face and neck. She believes that over time facial and body skin care treatments will be more integrated into the massage world and is looking forward to helping to encourage this trend  at the lovely setting of Body Wisdom in Dexter . Maggie is very happy to be joining the wonderful group of healing practitioners, and is excited to be able to join them in creating   a peaceful space for people in the Dexter area to relax, rejuvenate and balance themselves at a deep healing level. When not working Maggie enjoys spending time reading mysteries, hiking trails with her two college age children or Yorkshire terrier, and traveling as often
as possible.